Romantic wedding favours with honey

Romantic Wedding Favours – Freshness and vitality. The bestselling wedding favour by Carpathian. A wedding favour born from the fresh air, the Sun and the unique flowers of Carpathian Mountains. Romance and style.


Hi, my name is Benjamin and this is my story.

I started planning for my wedding with my wife and I realised that most of the luxurious wedding favours are very expensive. So we started making our own wedding accessories.

Working over 60 hours/week made if very hard for us to create and organise our wedding but we managed to do it in time.

Today, I work hard to provide good quality, romantic wedding favours at very competitive prices. The wedding favours we provide are carefully crafted and hand made.

The business that I run today is called Carpathian and I created it as a response to the need I saw in the market. The need of good quality products at very affordable prices

Carpathian offers you one of the finest and most luxurious wedding favours. The Raw honey is made in the Carpathian Mountains. It looks perfect and professional, just as you want your wedding to be. On top of this, it tastes heavenly.

Why do we do this? Because LOVE IS SWEET LIKE HONEY  and YOU ARE MEANT TO BEE 🙂

We offer a variety of products and prices from Raw Acacia Honey with Walnuts all the way to Raw Beeswax.

Don’t you worry about the variety… we can adapt and create for you the exact item you want with the exact colour you think of.

All of this because my wife and I know how stressful a wedding can become and how fast the day of the wedding goes…

Sit back and relax… tell us what you have in mind and we will cross the earth to make it happen!

We take orders from 2 years in advance all the way to 1 week in advance. And we serve them all in time.



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