Our Story

I am walking on the street, heading to my friend. Suddenly I hear the sound of a flying bee, behind me. I have no time to react, the bee stings me at the back of my neck and die. I was just a kid at that time, a 7 years old kid. I started crying and I ran to my parents.

They looked at me and immediately started rubbing the place where the bee stung me, with some salt.

I was 14 when I went with my father in a countryside to work the ground. Coming back from the store I went to buy some water, a wasp got into my eye. I was scared and I squeezed my eye as hard as I could. It took me about 3 minutes to get to my father to ask for help. I happily did not got stung in the eye because the wasp died by the time I got to my father.

These two experiences made my curiosity grow and I started looking for information about bees and wasps.

I got to the point where I realised that bees are not harmful. They actually do well to people because of their honey and because they pollinate.

Living in Romania, a great green grown country, Raw Honey was as usual as sugar. There was nothing like fake honey. There was (and still is) only Raw, Organic Honey.

My first visit to England was in 2008. I was surprised, people here love honey as well but because of the rainy weather, beekeepers cannot cover all the requests of the population. The honey processors take the honey and instead of selling it raw, they mix it with syrup or other kinds of honey to have a bigger quantity.

I got to analyse the market and I saw the demand for Raw Organic Honey – it is huge!

This is the way I started bringing Raw Organic Honey from the Mountains of Romania. I believe that British people should have the option to choose the Raw Organic Honey. I guess I am blessed to have my roots in Romania, a country where even Prince Charles has his own properties and beehives.

Here we are today, with a brand that is striving to provide quality products. Our motto is “from nature with love”. That is true because we love what we do every step of the way. We take the honey just as it is, put it into a sterilised jar and make it ready to be enjoyed by any honey lover.

Managing Director