Freshness and vitality. The bestselling memento favour by Carpathian. A honey born from the fresh air, the Sun and the unique flowers of Carpathian Mountains. Elegance and style.

How do you make your customers remember you?

Sometimes it is the little thing that brings a smile on the face.

Memento Favour is a product meant to contribute to the nice customer service you already have in place.

You will stand up from the crowd because this is a pure product. A honey with a unique story and culture. Born from an excellent bio-environment of Carpathian Mountains.

Use Memento Favours, look fab, receive compliments, do the happy dance, repeat.

If you would like to discuss with one of our Customer Service Consultants, please drop us a line. If we can help, we will do it gladly, if we cannot help, we will let you know.