Any person that likes certain posts of ours (on Facebook) enters in a draw with a chance to win a jar of his/her, favourite honey. The winner is announced through different media channels and shortly after that, he/she receives their favourite honey. Is just as simple as that!

Carpathian Raw Honey Winners

Paul Barron









March – Carpathian Raw Honey Winner

Paul Barron – Ashford, Kent

Words from Paul: “I love honey and this one is absolutely amazing!”

Note: Paul is the director of Kent Foundation












February – Carpathian Raw Honey Winner

Angie Everett Penfold – Maidstone, Kent

Words from Angie: “Thank you for this gorgeous honey, I love it! Will definitely be buying more!”

Note: Angie is the founder of


Nathalie Vrij -November - Carpathian Raw Honey Winner



November – Carpathian Raw Honey Winner

Nathalie Vrij – Netherlands

Words from Nathalie: “Thank you for the lovely gift I won. I will surely enjoy this delicious treat!”




Ioana Marian - October - Carpathian Raw Honey Winner






October – Carpathian Raw Honey Winner

Ioana Marian – Canterbury, Kent.

“I never thought I’d be the winner. A sweet surprise! Thank you so much!”

Ioana was excited to know that the winner of the month of October was actually her. We are happy to know that one more person won their most loved honey. We wish to all our customers a good luck to our next draws. Who knows, maybe you will be the next one!